Mariusz Pudzianowski Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Career

Listed below are some of Mariusz’s mixed martial arts fighting statistics to date:

Professional Fighting Record: 8-3-0 with one No Contest Ruling (Win-Loss-Draw)

Nickname: Dominator

Current Competitive Streak: 3 Wins

Weight Class: Super Heavyweight

Last Weigh-In: 265.9lbs

Height : 6 foot 1 inch (186cm)

Career Disclosed Earnings: $110,000 USD

At the 2009 WSM event in Valletta, Malta, Mariusz announced that he would leave the strongman discipline in order to pursue a career in professional mixed martial arts fighting (MMA). Speaking in an interview with Monster Supplements at the 2009 WSM event, Mariusz declared that;

“At this present time I am not planning to come back to world strong man. I was able to reach my goal in this discipline (5 world titles) and now I have a new challenge to follow with MMA… I was competing with many of the strongest men of all time therefore I’m satisfied.  Now I have a new aim and new challenge, time will show whether I will be able to reach the top level in MMA”.

Consequently Mariusz signed a contact with the Polish MMA organisation Konfrontacia Sztuk Walki (KSW) in 2009 wherein it was stated that he would participate in four fights. In December 2009 Mariusz debuted in his first MMA fight that took place during the KSW 12 event in Warsaw, Poland. His competitor was professional boxer and fellow MMA newcomer Marcin Najman. Mariusz declared before the fight began that;

“The left hand brings death, but the right one even I am afraid of”.

Mariusz lived up to these words with the fight itself only lasting 43 seconds; he threw several low kicks which caused Najman to fall to the ground and he then proceeded with a ‘ground and pound’ MMA punching technique that involves taking an opponent to the ground via takedown or a throw, assuming a dominant standing position and then striking the opponent repeatedly. Within moments Najman tapped the mat and conceded the fight.

On 7th May 2010 Mariusz went on to win his second fight during the KSW 13 event. Although Mariusz won this two full-round fight by judges’ decision, the event was described as a “sloppy brawl” with commentators noting that by the second round Mariusz appeared “to be out of energy and breathing heavily”.

Mariusz’s third fight took place a few weeks later during the Moosin: God Of Martial Arts event. His competitor was two time UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia and, following a fracture of his metatarsus during the first round, Mariusz eventually lost the fight via submission during the second round.

However, this injury and the loss it incurred did not deter Mariusz and he proceeded to participate in his fourth fight against former heavyweight boxer and professional kickboxer Eric ‘Butterbean’ Ersch during the September KSW 14 event. Mariusz won the fight via a submission from Ersch in the first round of the fight. By dominating several stand-up exchanges Mariusz was able to drop Ersch to the mat early in the fight and was then able to proceed with his tried and tested ‘ground and pound’ technique. Many commentators and MMA officials who witnessed the fight noted that Mariusz had shed a considerable amount of weight for the event; approximately 20lbs. Subsequently, many MMA enthusiasts believed that it was Mariusz’s large muscle mass that was responsible for his stamina problems and injuries during his earlier fights as opposed to his natural athletic skill and fighting technique.

Despite this significant weight loss, unfortunately Mariusz did not win his next fight on 21st May 2011. The fight took place at the KSW 16 event and Mariusz lost by arm triangle to English professional MMA fighter James Thompson.

Following this defeated, Mariusz embarked on professional MMA training at the prestigious American Top Team camp that was founded by founded by former Brazilian Top Team members; Ricardo Liborio, Conan Silveira and Marcelo Silveira. After undergoing this specialist training, Mariusz fought in a rematch against James Thompson at the KSW 17 event on 26th November 2011. Mariusz reaped the rewards of his dedicated training; winning the fight via majority decision.

However, this decision caused controversy because Thompson had maintained mostly full control throughout both rounds of the fight. Furthermore, after outrage from Thompson and MMA fans following the fight the promotion changed the result to a No Contest Ruling within two days of the event taking place. During a 28th November MMA conference the ruling was ultimately deemed to be a “judge’s error” and the fight result was officially changed.

Mariusz’s next fight took place at the KSW 19 event in Lodz, Poland. He fought against professional wrestler and former American football player Bob ‘The Beast’ Sapp and won via a technical knockout (TKO) within merely 39 seconds into the first round. Following this win Mariusz fought professional fighter Christos ‘The Mad Greek’ Piliafas in the main event of the KSW 20 competition on 15th September 2012. Once again Mariusz dominated the match, deployed his ‘ground and pound’ technique and ultimately won via TKO merely 3:48 seconds into the fight.

Mariusz’s next fight took place on 8th June 2013 at the KSW 23 event. Competing against former basketball player and Brazilian jiu-jitsu trained professional fighter Sean McCorkle, Mariusz lost in the first round via a kimura submission; a technique wherein Mariusz was placed by McCorkle in a double joint armlock with pressure applied on his shoulder so he could not escape.

However, Mariusz went on to participate in a rematch against McCorkle at the KSW 24 event on 28th September and won by unanimous decision; with McCorkle afterwards declaring that he was interested in arranging a third fight.

Mariusz’s winning streak continued when he defeated English strongman and former Britain’s Strongest Man winner Oli Thompson in an MMA fight on 17th May 2014 via a second round unanimous decision. Throughout the entire fight Mariusz gained points by dominating his opponent; landing numerous punches and securing multiple takedowns against Thompson during both rounds. After the fight concluded Thompson requested a rematch to which Mariusz agreed.

Mariusz’s most recent fight to date occurred on 6th December 2014 as the co-main feature of the KSW 29 event. This fight marked Mariusz’s third win in a row as he defeated Olympic veteran Pawen Nastula via unanimous decision. As matters stand his next fight is scheduled for 23rd May 2015 whereupon he will fight Rolles Gracie Junior at the KSW 31 event in Gdańsk, Poland.

Ultimately, Mariusz remains as determined as ever to use his formidable physical strength to overcome any mixed martial arts opponents. Given his natural athletic ability and international sporting accolades from his strongman career, it is highly likely that Mariusz will apply this same mental and physical focus to excelling within the discipline of mixed martial arts.